Classes and Workshops

About Classes

Come in Athens this summer and experience an international yoga festival that brings together some of the best yoga teachers from around the world including MC Yogi, Janet Stone, Tymi Howard, Swami Sivamurti, Christine May and many more acclaimed world known presenters. Join us for in-depth classes with yoga, meditation, breathworks, interactive performances, philosophy circles, inspired speeches in Greek Philosophy and Yoga and more. Learn from the international teachers and experts, try out new styles and techniques, come in touch with your deeper self!

Our amazing Venue part of the National Heritage,  Zappeion will host classes indoors and outdoors, the National Garden and other historic sites in the center of Athens. You can enjoy unlimited number of classes per day, while at the same time you can participate at many other activities that we have brought together to make this an unforgettable experience.

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About Workshops

In order to dive a little deeper with some of our presenters during the 3 day Festival  different workshops are offered. The 3 DAY PASS includes all of the following workshops. 1 day pass or anyone interested can buy a single ticket for the following events .


Workshop with Janet Stone: Do not miss the opportunity to Flow with the Beats with Janet Stone and DJ set. Explore  the potent nature of music, mantra, and beats through our bodies in fluid motion, together with Asanas  our minds in dharma discussions, and a deep dive into our internal rhythms. A good beat can be a powerful current for a transformative flow and that will be eminent in this workshop.

Workshop with Swami Sivamurti: Get in deeper into Greek and Yogic philosophy with the workshop taught by Swami Sivamurti Saraswati, the founder of Satyananda Ashram Hellas, the first European  ashram established in the late ’70s. Swami Sivamurti Saraswati has always been inspired by ancient Greek philosophy and will draw parallels between the ancient Greek philosophy and the Yogic philosophy for the purpose of bringing about a deeper understanding between these two great civilizations.

A series of 3 consecutive workshops:

  • In the first workshop, EVERYTHING FLOWS, Swami Sivamurti Saraswati will explain how we can assimilate and welcome change in our life with positivity and creativity through the practice of yoga.
  • In the second workshop, KNOW THYSELF, Swami Sivamurti Saraswati will present the ways that Yoga can lead us to living a healthier lifestyle, calm and balanced mind and better understand ourselves and awaken the dormant potential within and reconcile with our true nature.
  • In the third workshop, A HEALTHY MIND IN A HEALTHY BODY, Swami Sivamurti Saraswati will analyze the close relationship between the mind and body and provide us with the yogic tools to develop a healthy body and healthy mind. Yogic tools like Yamas and Niyamas as well as Pratipaksha Bhavana and Antar Mouna will be introduced.

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