18:00 - 20:00

Anamnesis Workshop

Monday, 20 July

Location: Temple of Zeus


Anamnesis is an experiential multidisciplinary performance in celebration of sacred spaces. It is inspired by Plato’s philosophical idea: “knowledge springs from the ideas found in a heavenly realm, which then manifest here on earth through ‘memory’ in archetypal movements, sounds and words” as well as from the incorporation of rituals into our lives, as a means to connect with our deeper selves through our body and breathing.

Practices will include physical exercises combined with breathing, sighing and voice exercises, in the form of Kinetic Meditation and Vision to recall our primordial memory. Dancers, musicians and spectators will create a harmonious network of communication and expression.

The seminar is addressed to all nationalities, all ages and people with disabilities. Participants should wear comfortable clothes that can be stained (if we lie on the ground).

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