10:00 - 12:00

Yoga Trance Dance

Saturday, 18 July

Location: Zappeion Megaron, Hall 2

Yoga Trance Dance is uniting two of the oldest pathways of breath-driven conscious movement created by Shiva Rea (www.shivarea.comand is a collective journey initiated by guided Movement Meditation towards Sahaja Prana Yoga – spontaneous unfoldment of flowing, spiraling yoga movements towards powerful ecstatic wisdom-guided free form dance. Connecting to our sacred breath and our innate ability  to move and dance we will collectively move towards embodied freedom and deep inner listening in order to create space to awaken our body, mind and soul. 
Come and join with an open heart to dance, sweat and liberate yourself! 
No experience in dance is necessary as we are all natural dancers.
You were wild once
dont let them tame you.
Isadora Duncan

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