16:00 - 18:00

Know Thyself: Greek Philosophy & Yoga Workshop

Sunday, 19 July

Location: Zappeion Megaron, Peristylio

About Know Thyself (Γνώθι Σαυτόν)

“There is something that everyone should know, man is much more than he seems to be.”  Swami Satyananda Saraswati

Most of us identify only with the body, mind and senses and nothing more. The philosophy of yoga teaches us that we are much more than this and that in every human being, lies a state of consciousness which is very powerful and creative and far beyond the restraints of the body, mind and senses and from pain and suffering. Suffering and pain are not a natural part of life. This dynamic state of consciousness beyond the mind and body can be approached through the practice of yoga.

It is a state which is completely different from that we live in and experience in our everyday life. In Ancient Greece, this state of consciousness was referred to as the SELF; it is the same SELF the Ancient Greeks were talking about when they said, “Know Thyself”. It is this SELF that we call consciousness in yoga, this dynamic state and it is in fact the fundamental subject matter in all traditional yoga teachings.

Yoga is a life science, which starts with the body and does not stop until we reach the depth of this consciousness, the Self. On our way to achieve this, we gain better physical health, a calmer mind and awaken our dormant creative potential.

 In this talk Swami Sivamurti Saraswati will present to us the ways that Yoga can lead us to living a healthier lifestyle, calm and balanced mind and better understand ourselves and awaken the dormant potential within and reconcile with our true nature.

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