Music & Kirtan

Kirtan leads us on a magical inner journey full of joy, clarity and mental peace. ​ 

About Antaratma & Adi Shakti

Adi Shakti Kirtan Band came together in 2016 through their common love for devotional chanting and music. We dedicate our chanting to the Divine Mother that gave birth to all existence. ​ Kirtan is powerful yogic practice. It combines mantra chanting with music and rhythm, with a deep effect on the emotional level. Kirtan has its roots in the Vedic tradition and is a “call and response” song type. The term kirtan means narrate or describe and refers to the repetition of melodic mantras, accompanied by musical instruments and the response of those present. ​ Mantra means “That which broadens the mind and perception.”

Antaratma Thodoris Chiotis: Vocals, harmonium, guitar Stavros Dadoush: Percussions, vocals Alexandra Sotiropoulou: Vocals Anastasia Biliri Antararma: Vocals, harmonium.

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