Anja is an internationally known and passionate teacher and educator in the wide field of bodywork. She has been travelling the world as a teacher, student, educator or just a traveller. Her deep passion for bodywork has been there since very young age when she was an acrobat. Being an experienced teacher, as well as a body worker with almost 20 years of experience she is constantly fine tuning, integrating and improving her methods for wellbeing, growing and connecting with oneself.


Anja’s teaching is integrative and beyond classical forms of teaching yoga or Pilates and always tuned in with the person or group in front of her.

Some of her yoga teacher were: Max Storm, Madeline Black, Marie Jose Bloom, Simon Bork, Cyndi Lee. But beyond all, Anja considers her students and life experiences her greatest teachers and is never shy of listening, learning and growing.

Anja founded bodyinsight-anjak and the pilateslab-berlin in Berlin, but she also works internationally as a teacher at Yoga and Pilates conferences and as a specialist for the AMAN-resort group and La Reserve Spa Geneva. She have been one of the teachers of the Elysia Yoga convention and the Berlin Yoga Conference and can´t wait to be part of the twelve OM in Greece.

Deeply touched, proud and with a great sense of responsibility she received the NEOS AWARD 2017 in the female category best personal trainer and became part of the Jury in 2019. She felt honored to receive the award for her work, but moreover received it in the name of all the wonderful teachers out there as it is a public recognition for our special work.


“The constant deepening of our body awareness, the ambition of living a more conscious life, the further empowerment of our mind are part of a journey that never ends. If we remain open in our hearts and with ourselves we have the opportunity to rediscover the very essence that makes us who we are. Change can happen anytime, but is needs to happen from a loving and relaxed state. ”

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