Konstantinos Charantiniotis is an internationally well-known Yoga and Meditation Instructor, Wellness Mentor & Coach, Ayurvedic Practitioner and NLP Master Coach.


Teaching and coaching since 1996, with a wealth of experience and practice in health, nutrition and the science of movement, Konstantinos is passionate about awakening people to their unlimited potential.

Known for his playful, intelligent and passionate way of teaching, he has guided thousands of individuals through his classes, trainings and coaching sessions to navigate their daily life with more ease.

His way of approaching Yoga focuses on cultivating mindfulness, so as for one to live with more awareness. For Konstantinos Yoga is considered the rich soil in which human development can be cultivated. His classes are organized and coordinated based on this notion. This is the message that he wishes to share with his students. How to use Yoga as a compass that leads to a beautiful and happy life.


He lives and teaches in Athens. As an active member of a worldwide community, he travels and shares his knowledge constantly through teacher trainings, workshops and retreats.

Over the last years he channels his experience in articles with suggestions and useful advises at www.konstantinosc.com .

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