SuryaSoul® - when Yoga becomes a Dance Of Life - is a conscious embodied Dance, Movement & Meditation practice based on the Chakra system (the 7 energy centers) and the philosophies of Tao and Yoga.

ABOUT SuryaSoul®

We move, we shine, we dance, we sing, we meditate and include!

SuryaSoul® is a gateway to the mysteries of life, so that both body and soul can create an effective conscious system for health and growth, weaving all Chakras through movement, meditation, art, poetry and sound. Everyone here is included. A movement for peace, health, joy, success, healing, love, wellbeing and creativity to manifest our unique and common true essence in the world. Inspired by music tunes from all genres, cultures and perspectives, SuryaSoul is a sound bath into the presence of self and in the space of community.

SuryaSoul® conscious movement practice is always connected to sacred spaces and buildings. In the same way the Greek history and mythology are rooted in spaces and buildings designed and dedicated specifically to a particular acoustic and purpose. We will dance in the unity of the Greek immense antique wisdom together with the profound sacredness of the Asian traditions. Finding together this one point awakening with music as colorful dress of sounds and celebration. When Zeus meets Indra, Lakshmi meets Hera, the 7 Rishis meet the 7 Pleiads…

Philippe & Sabine
creators and designers of SuryaSoul® - when Yoga becomes a DanceOfLife.

Philippe & Sabine are the creators and designers of SuryaSoul® – when Yoga becomes a DanceOfLife.

They teach, move and coach people worldwide since 2004 in Workshops, Retreats, Festivals, Congresses, Trainings, Hospitals, Group and Individual sessions. They are living since more than 20 years in Auroville/India, an international city planning project based on Human Unity and Integral Yoga and Hamburg/Germany.


Born in South Germany, Sabine has been living with a chronic lymphatic condition since birth which has required her to spend time in hospitals and clinics for operations or treatments. Dance, Yoga and Meditation has become a healing journey for her after following the call of becoming an inspiration for many people through movement and dance events.


Born in France, traveled to India in 1996 to start a new life as resident of Auroville, the international project on human unity and Integral Yoga created in 1968. Trained in Taoist martial arts, his vision is to connect people through to music and conscious movement.

We welcome you to this wonderful world of dance, community and transformation. Let‘s shine and celebrate life together!

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