Abhaya Yoga

Vivi loves to share her passion for an upright, fearless way through the practice of Abhaya Yoga, inspired by the mudra of “No Fear.” She would like every class to be a journey of self-discovery, where students recognize their own power, beauty, and courage.

About Vivi

Vivi is a strong and charismatic Yoga Teacher and Teachers’ Educator. Through her journey of teaching Yoga, practicing Zen, making films in California for 20 years, and then building the vibrant NYSY Academy for Yoga & Pilates and co-founding the well-loved Avocado Vegetarian Café in Athens, she has been able to find a way of Yoga practice that makes us strong in all levels and helps us to triumph even amidst difficult challenges.

Having taught in the traditions of Ashtanga, Anusara, and Vinyasa Yoga, Vivi has created Abhaya Yoga—a style that combines dynamic alignment based asana, with an empowering philosophy rooted in Tantra and on the Buddhist path of compassion for all beings. With passion and enthusiasm, Vivi shares this incredible Abhaya Yoga journey with friends who are ready to be “Empowered through Yoga.” 


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